Why CAFODAT a place for your Choice ?


Run by food scientists and professionally experienced faculty members, the college has as objective of producing nationally and internationally competent Food & Dairy technologists. At present, it is the only college in Nepal teaching B. Tech. Dairy Technology. CAFODAT is a college moving forward with best standard of Food and Dairy technology. The college has set to become the college of every one choice by availing food and dairy technology education of international standard.

As the college has relation with many food industries and institutions, it can help you for your job.

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Student’s Message

Food and Dairy technology is one of the emerging fields of study in Nepal. One cannot neglect the quality and safety aspect of food and dairy products to live a healthy life. So, to get the knowledge on food and dairy technology I joined CAFODAT. From the day, I joined the college, I have been able to quench my thirst and fulfill my curiosity about this subject. The teachers are professional and expert in the subject matter. Hence practical based quality education is provided to students. One can get knowledge on how to preserve food, how to develop quality food products, analyze foods and many more. Indeed CAFODAT is the right choice for my career building.

Umesh Paudel
Diploma V Sem.
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Faculty Member

    College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology (CAFODAT)

    List of Faculty Members

    1. Prof. Jagat B. KC, Ex-VC, PU; M.Sc Chemistry, M.Tech Food (UK)
    2. Prof. Dr. Pradeep Bhattarai, PhD, Physics
    3. Mr. Pravin Man Shakya, M. Tech. Food
    4. Mr. Krishna Gopal Shrestha, M.Tech. Dairy
    5. Mr. Rajendra Gopal Shrestha, M.Tech. Dairy
    6. Mr. Sanu Ratna Sthapit, M.Tech Food / MPA
    7. Dr. Megh Raj Bhandari, PhD,DSc, M Food Tech
    8. Mr. Prabhat Chandra Pandey, MSc. Food
    9. Dr. Chabi Raman Bhattarai B.V.Sc.
    10. Mr.Shiyaram Pd. Singh, M. Tech Dairy
    11. Mr. Ram T. Chaudhary, M.Tech Dairy
    12. Mr. Deep Jung Shah, M.Sc. Food Tech, MSc Food Engineering
    13. Mr. Mahendra Jung Thapa, MSc Food Tech
    14. Assoc. Prof. Pradeep Kumar Paudel, M.E.
    15. Dr. Bhairab Manandhar, BVSc., MBA
    16. Mr. Ganga Timsina, BSc. Ag., EMBA
    17. Mrs Urmila Joshi, MSc Botany
    18. Mr. Ramesh C.Bhandari, MSc Chemistry
    19. Mr. Pramod Koirala, MSc Nutrition
    20. Mr. Puspha Prasad Acharya, M.Tech Food
    21. Mrs. Indira Mishra, MA English
    22. Mrs. Sanchita Sapkota, MSc. Microbiology
    23. Assoc. Prof. Sambhu Thapa, MSc Chemistry
    24. Mr. Tek B.Thapa, MSc Dairy Tech
    25. Mr. Chandreswor Raut, MSc Chemistry
    26. Mr. Chakra Man Shrestha, PG Dip Alcohol Tech
    27. Mr. Robin Sharma, M. Tech Food
    28. Mr. Ekraj Paudel, M. Tech Food
    29. Mr. Abhimanyu Chamlagai, MSc Chemistry
    30. Mr. Manu Khatri, MSc Physics
    31. Mr. Lekh Nath Dhakal, MSc Physics
    32. Ms. Rajani Shrestha, MSc Microbiology
    33. Mr. Prabhat C Pandey, MSc Food Tech
    34. Mr. Arun Shrestha, MSc dairy Tech
    35. Mr. Indra Sitaula, B.Tech Food/MBA
    36. Mrs. Huma Bokkhim, MSc Food Tech
    37. Mr. Krishna Prasad Rai, MSc Food Tech/M.Phil
    38. Mr. Nawaraj Dahal, MSc Food Tech
    39. Mr. Sandeep Pradhan, MSc Dairy Engg
    40. Mr. Rajendra Pd. Adhikari, M.Tech (Dairy)
    41. Mr. Bishnu Katuwal, MSc Statistics
    42. Mr. Munal Subedi, MSc Microbiology
    43. Mr. Prakash Oli, M.Tech Food
    44. Mr. Achyut Mishra M.Tech Food
    45. Mr. Paurakh Thapaliya, M.Tech Food
    46. Miss Sonu Shrestha MSc. Microbiology
    47. Mr. Ishwori Prasad Banjade, MSc. Math
    48. Mr. Arjun Puri, M.Sc. Zoology
    49. Mr. Alok Shrestha, M.Tech Food