Academics Course & Program
Bachelor of Food & Dairy Technology

Bachelor of Food Technology (B. Tech. Food)
Bachelor of Dairy Technology (B. Tech. Dairy)
4 years / 8 semesters

College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology (CAFODAT) is a preferred destination for the Food Technology, Dairy Technology and Nutrition & Dietetics education in Nepal and is a center for world class education which prepares its graduates to lead in their chosen sector. CAFODAT is offering Bachelor of Food Technology (B. Tech. Food) and Bachelor of Dairy Technology (B. Tech. Dairy) since 2005 in affiliation with Purbanchal University. CAFODAT is the only college in Nepal that offers Bachelors of Dairy Technology.

The management team of CAFODAT consists of food scientists, dairy technologists, nutritionist, dietitian, academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs and professionally experienced faculty members with proven track record in their field of expertise.

CAFODAT is centrally located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur which is education hub in Lalitpur and easily accessible by public transportation systems.

What is Food / Dairy Technology?

It is an application of Science & Technology for the Preparation, Processing, Preservation, Packaging, Labeling, Storage, Distribution and Quality Control of food and dairy products. The field also involves techniques and processes that are used to transform agriculture & animal products into food and also provide knowledge on nutrition and health implications of food for human consumption.

The Bachelor of Food Technology and Bachelor of Dairy Technology programs are for those with an interest and ability in the sciences. Food/dairy technology offers a lifetime vocation in the maintenance of a never-ending stream of quality food/dairy products.

If you are interested in Food/Dairy technology as a career:

  • Serving  society by assuring availability, abundance, affordability, wholesomeness and safety of food.
  • Improving  the nutritive value of food/dairy products.
  • Supervising  raw material procurement or managing any aspect of a food/dairy processing operation.
  • Maintaining  high standards of safety and sanitation and managing quality of an ever-increasing variety of food/dairy products.
  • Development  of new food/dairy products, processing methods or distribution techniques.
  • Knowing  about the biological, chemical, and physical nature of food and food components.

About the Program

Bachelor of Food Technology (B. Tech. Food) and Bachelor of Dairy Technology (B. Tech. Dairy) programs are offered by College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology (CAFODAT) in affiliation with Purbanchal University (PU). It is four years bachelor level program spread over 8 semesters and designed to fulfill the needs of high level, competent, practical-oriented food/dairy technologist.

The main objectives of the programs are:
  1. To provide students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of general chemistry, food and dairy chemistry, bio chemistry, food/dairy process engineering, product specific technology, Food/dairy processing and preservation methodologies, aspect of hygiene, nutrition, quality control and analysis of modern & indigenous food/dairy products and food/dairy plant management.
  2. To provide students with the knowledge of modern management system, i.e. TQM, GMP, HACCP as applied in modern food and dairy industries and research methodology.
  3. To provide actual field experience and on-the-job training or in-plant training experiences to make the students perfect and practically fit for adjustment in food/dairy industries, government and other jobs.


  1. The Candidate who have passed I. Sc., 10+2 (Science) securing a minimum 45% or GPA 2.00, Diploma in Food and Dairy Technology or equivalent from an institution duly recognized by PU shall be eligible to apply for admission.
  2. The Candidate must have passed entrance examination conducted by the University.

Scholarships and Support

CAFODAT provides Scholarships up to 5 students as per the scholarships bylaw of Purbanchal University in each bachelor level program.

Following are the additional scholarships offered by the college

  1. Basanta-Michiko Scholarships
  2. Arun Shrestha Memorial Scholarships

Career/ Job Prospects

Upon the completion of the study, the graduates will have wide and diversified knowledge not only in food science and dairy technology but also in management science. The skill and qualifications provided through these programs means the graduates will be nationally and internationally competent in working as a

  • Food Research Officer and Food Inspector in Government Office, Food/dairy technologist, Laboratory Supervisor, Scientist, Quality Control Officer, Research Associate, Educationist and a Production Manager.
  • Get employment in governmental, semi-governmental, non-governmental organization as well as other projects and programs.
  • Self-employment by way of establishing Food and Dairy Industries and create employment to mitigate unemployment and under employment problem of the nation.
  • Pursue higher academic qualification in National as well as International Universities

The food and dairy technologist is dignified job that are valued and demanded nationally and internationally.

Bachelor of Food Technology (B. Tech. Food) and Bachelor of Dairy Technology (B. Tech. Dairy) programs in the College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology (CAFODAT) are THE CHOICE for anyone wanting an exciting fast-paced career in the food/dairy industry. The Faculties of the college in the Food/Dairy Technology program are dedicated to providing the best scientific training for successful and productive food/dairy related careers.

Graduates from CAFODAT have found employment with food and allied industries, government and independent research institutions throughout the Nepal and in several other countries as well and also continuing their further studies in university in Nepal and aboard.

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