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Message from the Vice-Principal

Message from the Vice-Principal

Nepal is an agricultural country. Our agricultural and livestock products have not been properly utilized into value added products, without value we cannot uplift the Nepalese Farmers. So as to develop our agriculture and livestock system by improving different stages of value chains such as production, processing, preservation, packaging and marketing are technological intervention is very much needed. For this purpose qualified human resources are to be needed to work in agro based food industries or they start their own agro-based food enterprises or industries. To fulfill such manpower CAFODAT offers Diploma in Food and Dairy Technology in affiliation with Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Bachelor in Food Technology, Bachelor in Dairy Technology, and Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics in affiliation with Purbanchal University (PU). CAFODAT is one of the established full-fledged colleges in the nation. It imparts quality education by a team of dynamic food and dairy technologists, Food Researchers and professionally long experienced faculty members. Food science and Technology is a universally applicable subject and it develops skilled technologists, professionals and academicians in food manufacturing industries, hospitals, government and non-government organizations, Multinational Companies of Food, Dairy, Nutrition and Dietetics.

What is Food and Dairy Technology?

Food technology is a multi-disciplinary field, an application of Food Science and Technology to the selection processing, preservation, quality control, packaging, storage, distribution and use of safe food and dairy product that are consumed. This course provides with an in depth knowledge of the food and dairy products, preparation preservation, quality control, analytical chemistry, biotechnology, engineering, food safety management, which also provides knowledge on nutrition and health implications of food for human consumption.

Scope for Food Technologists

Food technologist is one of the top career options after completing the course such as:

  1. Wide scope of employment opportunities in Government sector, Food and Dairy industries and National and multi- national organizations.
  2. High demand of Food and Dairy Technologist in National and international job markets
  3. Professionally capable human resources of working as Food and Dairy Technologists, Food Scientists, Researchers, Food Quality Control Officers, Food inspectors, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Nutritionist.
  4. To pursue higher academic qualification in National and international universities.
  5. Self employment by establishing Food and Dairy industries.

Mr. Man Bahadur Shrestha
College of Applied Food & Dairy Technology

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